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Antigen Test for Travel and Covid recovery certificate: A quick and convenient method of screening for infectious diseases, such as COVID-19, prior to embarking on a journey, using a rapid test kit that typically involves a nasal swab sample to ensure the safety and well-being of fellow travelers and reduce the risk of spreading illness.
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We’ve assisted hundreds of travelers from 75 different nations all around the world including, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, South Africa. India, France, Italy and many more within the European Zone. 

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An antigen is a molecule that the body’s immune system recognizes as distinct. The test uses antibodies to look for antigens in a sample.

They are detected using Antigen Tests, also known as rapid Antigen or Lateral Flow Tests. These tests can be done at home and uploaded and returned with a fit to fly certificate within 60 minutes, since they don’t require a laboratory.

A Rapid Antigen Test and Lateral Flow Test are both type of diagnostic test that uses antibodies to detect the presence of an antigen in a sample. They both work by using antibodies to detect the presence of an antigen in a sample.

Antigen Tests are quick and simple to use, and they are far less expensive than PCR tests. They are also considered to be very accurate in line with UKHSA studies and evidence conducted. For these reasons, antigen tests are often used to determine if someone is fit to fly and is now becoming a prominent option for use of travel.

This test is easier to administer than a PCR test and provides results in just 20 minutes, as opposed to the regular PCR test that takes 72 hours to provide a result.

All inbound travel to the United Kingdom is permitted including antigen tests. Unvaccinated Passengers travelling into the UK, should take a test within 48 hours of departing for the UK. This must be a Lateral Flow Test or PCR Test.

You can order a Pre-Departure Test provided you are not Fully Vaccinated. This will work similarly to your pre-departure test whereby you will be asked to upload a picture of your Antigen Lateral flow test and receive your fit to fly certificate, emailed within 45 minute.

Yes. For all inbound travel to the UK, antigen tests are acceptable. Within 48 hours of departing for the UK, all unvaccinated passengers must take a Lateral Flow Test Pre-Departure/Return to UK Test.
Yes, all of our kits are assigned to you and your tests, making it impossible for others to make fraudulent claims. The lateral flow assays are meant to be simple and quick to perform in the privacy of your own home, with minimal waiting time until you get your Certification-to-fly clearance. We provide a 24-hour customer care service through email and phone, giving you the assurance and serenity of mind that we are always accessible if you run into problems with your test results, submittal, or certificates.
The tests you’ll need to go abroad will be determined by both the country you’re visiting and your vaccination status. Prior to buying an Antigen Test for Travel, we recommend checking the relevant government website of the nation you intend to visit.
  • A complete private test kit will include the following:
  • Test Cassette in sealed packaging,
  • Extraction Buffer Tube in sealed packaging
  • Extraction Buffer Tube Holder
  • Waste Bag
  • Disposable Swab
All unvaccinated people aged 12 and older who travel to the United Kingdom must take a pre-departure Lateral Flow Test.
The UK government’s antigen tests are subjected to a thorough evaluation by the country’s top scientists. This implies that they are precise, dependable, and successful in identifying Covid-19 carriers who do not have symptoms and might spread the virus unintentionally Rapid Antigen Tests can identify positive cases with high amounts of virus present that are easy to transmit to others, helping to limit the spread of Covid infections.

No, NHS testing is not allowed for international travel or certified to do so.

How to Get a Travel-Related Antigen Test

For just £19.99, you may purchase an Antigen Test for Travel through our website. This comes with FREE 24 hour Tracked delivery via Royal Mail/DPD and inundated with email and text notification throughout the courier’s journey to your home so you can be confident in your travel plans.

Accordingly, we also have 24 hour 7 days a week customer service support via Phone, Email and Chat to ensure you can depend on us every step of the way in your travel plans.

Bringing Reliability and Value to your Travel Plans.

Yes, several countries now accept COVID recovery certificates to validify entry into the country. Additionally, you should verify with your destination country’s rules and regulations or visit the foreign travel advice website to ensure that your destination you intend to visit accepts this.

The NHS will cease offering free lateral flow testing on April 1st, 2022. If you need a LFT (Lateral Flow Test), Vital Checks by LinkNurse provides general testing (starting at £4.99 per kit) as well as a Signed Certification that may be used to attend public events if you have an entry requirement.

This test is not permitted for travel use. If you’re looking for a LFT for travel, please visit our Covid Travel testing page to discover the appropriate certification.
Yes, our signed certification may be used to get into events after completing the general LFT test. Please note This will be dependent on the requirements outlined of your event, For Example, they may request evidence of a negative antigen lateral flow test via documentation, 24 hours before the commencement of the event.
The cost of each kit starts at £4.99 and comes in a package of four, ten, or twenty. Please see our general LFT test information here for further details regarding our overall LFT test evaluation.
Within 3 hours after you submit your result, your signed certificate will be delivered.

Covid-19 Antigen Tests are available to order over the internet for under £20 with free delivery throughout the United Kingdom. This includes 24 hour tracked delivery to anywhere within the UK.

Once delivered you receive the signed certification for travel within 3 hours after you have taken the test and submitted your evidence online. Our 24/7 customer support is available should you have any technical difficulties with your submissions.

During an Antigen Test, a swab is inserted into each nostril. Do this five times per nostril to get a good sample. The swab is then immersed in the liquid to dissolve the Antigen. A reaction occurs on the device’s pad as a result of dripping the solution onto it, which produces a result. To view how to do an Antigen Test on yourself, see the video below. The Covid-19 self-test kit is a nasal swab test for determining whether you are infected. It’s for persons who have symptoms as well as those who don’t. You should, however, follow national recommendations to decide which type of test is appropriate for you.
Antigen Tests work by mixing a sample with a solution that activates viral proteins. That combination is then applied to a paper strip containing an antibody that binds these proteins if they are present. The result, like a home pregnancy test, is shown as a line on the paper strip. There is no need for a laboratory, and the procedure can take only 30 minutes.

Depending on the circumstances, this may vary. The most popular reasons of purchase are

  • For pre-departure testing from the Uk (Outbound) and
  • Return to UK testing (Inbound to Uk for Unvaccinated Travellers: Pre-Departure Test)

The test kit comes with an at-home Diagnostic RAT Test, which has all of the required components and instructions to ensure that you complete the procedure correctly.

Although the test should not be painful, it may feel uncomfortable. Your eyes may water when you insert a nasal swab but this is normal and part of your autonomic reflexes.

Yes. The process of performing an antigen test on oneself is quick and simple. If you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to visit our support line through Web-Chat, Email or Phone..

Sensitivity and specificity are two terms used to evaluate the accuracy of antigen tests.

The sensitivity of a test refers to how well it detects infection in a person with a disease. Antigen Tests are less sensitive than PCR, which is used to detect the virus in people who are ill, because they have low amounts of the virus in their system.

This means that Covid-19 can be missed in people with lower amounts of the virus in their airways. When an individual has a high viral load, Antigen Tests are more accurate, which is important because they are more likely to spread it. The continuing monitoring for quick Antigen Testing revealed an overall sensitivity of 92.8%.

In general, the more relevant a test is to a specific disease or condition, the higher its sensitivity and specificity. When referring to medical testing, specificity indicates the ability of a test to accurately detect a negative result in an individual who does not possess the condition or illness being tested for. If you don’t have one, having an extremely precise test that has good specificity will ensure that you are correctly identified as not having the disease.

The specificity of Antigen Tests is very high, meaning that they are very good at detecting people who don’t have the virus. This is important because it helps to stop the spread of the virus. Overall, Antigen Tests are a highly accurate way to detect Covid-19.

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